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Take Over Finance 2018 Jeep Compass for 50 months for $592.95/mo Take Over Finance 2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross for 64 months for $771.97/mo Take Over Finance 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 Classic Express 4x4 Quad C for 0 months for $1.17/mo
Take Over Finance 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee overland for 0 months for $1.17/mo Take Over Finance 2019 Ford F150 for 0 months for $1.17/mo Take Over Finance 2018 Nissan Sentra for 0 months for $1.17/mo
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What do FinanceFolks do?
FinanceFolks is a new innovative vehicle remarketing service that connects sellers who want to transfer their finance payments with buyers looking to take over payments. FinanceFolks is a division of LeaseFolks, America's premier lease transfer marketplace, and specializes in serving the needs of consumers who prefer to finance the purchase of their vehicles.

How does FinanceFolks save me thousands of dollars to get out of a car loan?
FinanceFolks saves money for consumers who finance their vehicles by connecting them with buyers interested in taking over their finance payments. When financing a car, the interest on the car loan is paid off faster than the principal. Less money goes towards the reduction of the loan, while the car depreciates faster than the rate at which the loan is being paid off. This leaves an owner with some degree of negative equity. Using the marketplace, sellers can transfer their payments to another consumer instead of selling their vehicle outright and taking a significant financial loss.

Is it possible to get out of a car loan early?
In order to get out of a car loan, you will need to sell your vehicle privately and use the proceeds from the sale to pay out your car loan in full. However selling a vehicle privately can often be tricky especially if the market value of the vehicle is less than the balance of the car loan. Generally a better option is to sell both the finance contract and the vehicle as a package deal to the buyer.

Transfer car loan
Transfer car loan creates a win-win situation for both the seller and the buyer. If you want to transfer a car loan, you will enjoy big savings on lease termination fees. If you are looking to assume a car loan, you can save money on the zero downpayment and take advantage of seller incentives. By taking over a car loan you will enjoy the benefits of a short-term finance contract and lower payments.

Loan assumption
Loan assumption is another term for car loan transfer. With loan assumption, buyers benefit from no money down, no taxes and subsidized low interest rates that are normally only available on new vehicles.

Get out of car loan
Get out of car loan can be very expensive. If you go to the finance company and say that you want to get out of your finance contract, most likely they will advise you to sell the car and pay off the outstanding balance. Often times this can be tricky especially if the market value of the vehicle is not aligned with the outstanding balance on your contract. A much better alternative is to sell the car and the finance contract as a combined package to the buyer.