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How It Works - Buying Process

Do you want to take over payments on a late-model vehicle?

Are you interested in getting low interest rates that are usually only available on new vehicles?

If so, we can help. We can connect you with sellers interested in a finance takeover. A finance takeover is about purchasing a used vehicle from the seller as well as taking over the finance contract attached to the vehicle.

We have outlined the steps to make the finance takeover transaction for buyers as easy as possible.

Note: If you're a seller, click here to review the steps of the selling process.

  1. Find the vehicle of your choice using Browse By Browse Byor search features on our website
  2. To view seller information, you will need to either login or register. There are no fees to register and it only takes a few seconds
  3. Once you find a vehicle that you’re interested in, contact the seller to arrange car viewing, discuss the details about the vehicle and the outstanding amount owed to the finance company
  4. Come to an agreement on the sale price of the vehicle and transfer conditions
  5. The seller will provide the credit application as well as the instructions to apply for credit approval with the finance company
  6. Supply a check to the seller for the agreed upon sale price. The seller will need to transfer the ownership/registration of the vehicle to you as the buyer. The seller will then use the proceeds from the sale to pay off their existing finance contract. Note: If it's an outright purchase, skip the steps below
  7. Upon receiving credit approval, sign on the finance transfer documents resulting in the finance contract now belonging to you as transferee. The seller in turn will sign off as transferor
  8. If negotiated previously, the seller will supply a cash incentive. Some sellers may offer cash incentives to motivate buyers to take over their finance contract. Some sellers will not offer any incentives
  9. Once the details of the transfer have been all finalized, take possession of your vehicle and enjoy your new purchase

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